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GoTopless Pride Parade NYC

photograph by Daniel Rose

Girls, don’t be shamed into wearing a top where it is legal not to.

Everyone deserves to be confident and proud of themselves. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Don’t let them cover you up or try to change who you are!


How to go bare-chested without getting arrested

How to go bare-chested without getting arrested:

Naturism as a Way of Living’s summary:  Eight detailed steps to securing a more top-free society with women treated equally under the law.  If you, yes YOU, have ever wondered how to live fully “within the box” of society but still achieve maximum naked enjoyment in public, this guide may help!  The very thought of being nude in a public space terrifies some individuals, but also excites others, and each of us is fully entitled to our own feelings; equally.

So when the question arises of, “What about those women who want to be topless?” then we are confronted with issues how such equality may be managed place to place, and person to person.  All change, all positive improvement, comes from education and a well-documented plan is the foundation of education.

Perhaps the thing the causes terror in a situation like this, whether imagined, desired or something else, is uncertainty.  Uncertainty as to how other people will react and uncertainty of the things a person must do to remain “legal”, which are the true causes of terror.  I suspect sometimes uncertainty gets the best of us, and that fear leads to inaction; even for the things we really would like to achieve!

Anyway, I recommend this article highly.

A Cup of Equality. Naturism and nudism are all about equality….

A Cup of Equality.

Naturism and nudism are all about equality. Anything one person can do, others should be able to do as well. No restrictions. We are equal and have a right to live that way.

In school, how would it make someone feel to see a classmate do something in plain view of the teacher and get away with it, but when they tried the exact same thing they were punished? Not just once, or by some fluke, but every single time. Even while other students were doing the exact same thing.

I’m sure we’ve all had something like that happen to us on a more minor level. A classmate acted out and wasn’t punished, but when we did the same thing, sometimes under the mistaken impression it was okay, we ended up in trouble.

Now take it further. Not only did we end up in trouble, but we were singled out. Made an example of. Even friends were told to abandon us because they might be punished by association. Maybe they were even threatened with punishment if they didn’t publicly denounce us or show a sign of “being on the right side.”

What would happen then? Would our parents bring a complaint against the teacher and school for excessiveness? Would they move us to another school? What would our lives be like? Our friends have even been turned against us. The administration isn’t going to help. All because we only did something other students are allowed to do.

This is the way it is for top freedom. There is a disparity and double standard that needs to be addressed. It may seem silly to think about by those not restricted by it, but for those that are it is a big issue to be taken very seriously.

That is why #freethenipple and other top freedom movements are so important. It is an effort to bring awareness to those who are privileged enough to be blind to it. The problem is, most of those that are blind feel like having awareness is an attack on their power, their status quo.  

The truth is that it won’t go away. Has it ever? It’s only a matter of time before top freedom ends up in the textbooks along with women’s suffrage and other civil rights. When our kids make fun of it in grade school because they don’t understand what all the fuss was over and we have to explain that it was and still is a serious matter they should protect as they grow older.

Just as we should be doing now. We all have a right to live equally.

Text by Made in the Nude. Photo from happynnude



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