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Folsom 2018

People might say, “I don’t want to see all that, all the time!” but the clincher is, this freedom is not about what they want, it is about what you want! If being uncovered is how you thank the universe for creating you, what could be more natural! The Folsom Street Festival may not be nudism per se, but if it accepts simple nudity, then it is a part of the solution!


“ARE WE SHAMING EACH OTHER INTO WEARING CLOTHES?” This is literally THE question for a Friday afternoon, and when I thought of it moments ago, it was because we have every other type of “[blank]” shaming. Therefore, if social pressure compels people to wear clothing even in times they _might_ rather not, then this is a form of shaming, is it not? … And it starts early in our lives too! Shay-ming. It is group think of the highest order, but we no people can do the opposite because each year at Burning Man, they enable different social customs and many thousands of people do go nude!

Your grandparents did it in the nude! Beachgo…

Your grandparents did it in the nude! Beachgoing, I mean!


The Other Side of the [Naked] Coin?

Okay, real quick because its late. Is it possible there are some people so unhappy with their physical body that EVEN IF it was totally legal and customary to be nude anywhere, they still would not do it?

I was moved to think this question after watching some television programs with my wife and seeing people out and about who I was incapable of imagining being “happy” nude. Please, hear me out on this, the reasoning is IF there are “secret” Home Nudists walking among us everyday, then there must correspondingly be a “Clothesists” segment of the population who really, really love clothing. This is the other side of the coin in my title today.

Even a person devoted to clothing and achieving their best look everyday must occasionally think about skinny-dipping, even if they imagined doing all by themselves in some isolated, far-away spot.

What kind of literature would help people be more happy with whatever body the universe has given them?

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The things we do nude today should continue influencing opinion and behavior for 5, 10 or even 20 years in the future! This is an important aspect of open, socially acceptable nudity, public nudity, nude demonstrations, nude beaches and official nude parks; that EVERY behavior is being observed, scrutinized, learned from and,… who knows what else!? (i.e. twisted, turned, portrayed in a different context) So we must do right by each other, be kind, be calm, and consider long-term consequences of every appearance.