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Humanity from a candid perspective.

This is not a typical scene from a Naturist gathering or event because in most cases cameras are completely prohibited.  What is taking place here is most certainly a commercialized or semi-public event where nudity was simply permitted and photography allowed.

The point of explaining this or documenting the image with comments in a Naturist tumblr context is to explain the “opposite side of the coin”.  Public events where nudity is permitted are happening around the world and in some cases a few naturists will integrate themselves into these events, however they are really more about exhibitionism and sensationalizing (or exploiting) nudity rather than promoting Body Acceptance.

If an event “uses” nudity to attract a larger, often paying crowd, then this is not exactly the sort of living with an intentional acceptance of casual nudity I (for one) would be promoting.  Paid events might have a fence and gate surrounding the location and are not truly “open” to the public – for various reasons such as a general idea that nudity is exclusively something for Adults Only – or they may require color bands around participants wrists or badges worn around the neck on a lanyard.  These indicate a form of acceptance of the behaviors likely to be viewed at the event and an understanding some or all of them will be sexually charged or explicit in nature.

I have no objection to these events on general principle, but it is important to illustrate the differences between these and an ordinary, casual day at a clothing-optional beach.

Agreeing on what is appropriate in each type of situation leads to a recognizable “Etiquette” and this is a very useful thing. It’s civilized. In the next to last paragraph above, the word “explicit” should be “semi-explicit” or something more descriptive of the casual participants’ chances of seeing, of witnessing, a semi-aroused male – simply because erections are a natural response to stimulation. Arousal is one of the most frequently asked questions by males CONSIDERING a first-time visit to a nudist venue, campground, beach or resort, and the answer is men can still behave respectfully and thoughtfully even if they get a little excited by the circumstance. Period. End of story.

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A difficulty with [tumblr] social media and Social Nudism is the different cultural perceptions of “nudity”, how it is allowed, what actions “simple” nudity includes, and HOW individual freedoms would be encouraged or discouraged as a component OF more permissive social nudity? Because, if nudity were permitted without accompanying education, people would naturally “do what we do” and have beliefs and behaviors all over the “radar”! Some behaviors would be Hedonistic, some artistic, others spiritually motivated (chaste, very conservative) but the potential “benefit” of open nudity WOULD BE more people collectively discussing these issues and developing new social customs INCLUDING nudity! Right now, because nudity is “secretive” many people the world over treat it like “spy-craft”, in hidden, covert and even subversive ways – which really is not a good thing, or helpful to society. Secrecy is ONLY HELPFUL for business and national defense issues, it is NOT helpful on social issues (or the things people do because we have free will and are NOT monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week).

My point today, December 2nd, 2018 is I visited the “onek1975” tumblr because they Liked one of my Naturism as a Way of Living posts, and although that tumblr includes 10% sexually-oriented (i.e. explicit, “adult”, sexual) content, if I had not visited it at all, I would not have discovered the AMAZING PHOTOGRAPHY works of this amazing “n3griero” tumblr, featuring many women of incredible color and beauty!

“Society, we cannot close all doors without knowing what lies beyond them.” Be of an open mind, be flexible, discuss and adapt. ~ Centauri4

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Folsom 2018

People might say, “I don’t want to see all that, all the time!” but the clincher is, this freedom is not about what they want, it is about what you want! If being uncovered is how you thank the universe for creating you, what could be more natural! The Folsom Street Festival may not be nudism per se, but if it accepts simple nudity, then it is a part of the solution!


“ARE WE SHAMING EACH OTHER INTO WEARING CLOTHES?” This is literally THE question for a Friday afternoon, and when I thought of it moments ago, it was because we have every other type of “[blank]” shaming. Therefore, if social pressure compels people to wear clothing even in times they _might_ rather not, then this is a form of shaming, is it not? … And it starts early in our lives too! Shay-ming. It is group think of the highest order, but we no people can do the opposite because each year at Burning Man, they enable different social customs and many thousands of people do go nude!

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Your grandparents did it in the nude! Beachgoing, I mean!


The Other Side of the [Naked] Coin?

Okay, real quick because its late. Is it possible there are some people so unhappy with their physical body that EVEN IF it was totally legal and customary to be nude anywhere, they still would not do it?

I was moved to think this question after watching some television programs with my wife and seeing people out and about who I was incapable of imagining being “happy” nude. Please, hear me out on this, the reasoning is IF there are “secret” Home Nudists walking among us everyday, then there must correspondingly be a “Clothesists” segment of the population who really, really love clothing. This is the other side of the coin in my title today.

Even a person devoted to clothing and achieving their best look everyday must occasionally think about skinny-dipping, even if they imagined doing all by themselves in some isolated, far-away spot.

What kind of literature would help people be more happy with whatever body the universe has given them?

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The things we do nude today should continue influencing opinion and behavior for 5, 10 or even 20 years in the future! This is an important aspect of open, socially acceptable nudity, public nudity, nude demonstrations, nude beaches and official nude parks; that EVERY behavior is being observed, scrutinized, learned from and,… who knows what else!? (i.e. twisted, turned, portrayed in a different context) So we must do right by each other, be kind, be calm, and consider long-term consequences of every appearance.