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Abby this morning

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Support Continued Awareness Efforts in Legal-t…

Support Continued Awareness Efforts in Legal-to-be-Topless New York:


In the most challenging of economic times for many, the only way some people are able to continue doing what they believe in is through “mutual support”. Naturism as a Way of Living knows this is true first hand as our resources are minimal to non-existent, however, through technology, social media and the interconnected nature of much of the world, time in between jobs CAN BE supportive!

Legal rights supporting topless equality were established in New York state many years ago, but participation is limited and attitudes are some of the slowest things to change in life! In some cases, people are known to think and say, “Well that’s nice, but its not for me.” This personal attitude is understandable when people perceive no inherent value or benefit in altering their everyday behavior “towards” or “to include” a new privilege secured for them by others! Social nudity is a privilege and a freedom, it is not a necessity for many because the prevailing customs or traditions are based on, or biased towards clothing, and so the term “clothing optional” evolved.

Yet for others, the spirited few, a minority, the idea of being treated unequally because of ONE THING such as a thing men are permitted to do, have or be, while women are not is more than a simple matter! When New York’s laws were revised it was argued the state had, “no compelling interest” in continuing the practices of treating men and women differently! A simple thing but with potentially wide-spread implications and although the law only applies to “in public” spaces, shared spaces, that constitutes an incredibly large area!

In the end, the treatment of women has almost always been unbalanced, from voting rights, to education, employment opportunities (in some areas), to retail prices and services, so any change, any leveling of behaviors IS and WILL BE something happening over generations! I mean, not a few years, but a few decades! The “mainstreaming” of any cultural shift is a terrific challenge requiring minds, bodies, hearts and souls – which means those with ANY passion must act where passive person simply go with “whatever is the norm” of the day.

Please support the passionate few. If we cannot stand next to them, adding financial support behind them is so very valuable! Mental, emotional, vocal and visual support helps also, but SOMETIMES the bits and bytes need financial backing to continue flowing!

Thanks for any consideration given to this cause and efforts!!

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I love to be nude and want to share this passion with you.

If you have nice pics of your last nude holiday, why not submit for the great naturist community on tumblr to share them?

just  PERFECT ♂ BEAUTY Could be a family va…



Could be a family vacation photograph with wife, son and daughter, I am thinking! How great would that be?!?



Social nudity is NOT about paying more attention to specific body parts, it is quite literally about paying LESS attention to these things!

SO HERE IS THE DEAL, if your tumblr account features more than 10% or 20% of posed photographs with women spreading their legs towards the camera, or men with erect penises, please do not Follow “Naturism as a Way of Living”. The effort of this tumblr has been to mainly DISCUSS or DEMONSTRATE the practice of discarding clothing, setting aside social disguises, removing outfits and being nice and considerate to the people who do this too! – – Very simple.

The series of photographs shown above essentially demonstrates “simple nudity” being enjoyed by the individuals pictured. None of them are physically aroused in obvious ways or behaving in a blatantly sexual manner, really, NUDITY can be exciting, it can be fun, anyone can enjoy it privately or openly where permitted – all by themselves or with friends, and promoting that SIMPLE FACT is the goal. Nudism is not about getting any pleasure that only last 5 or 30 minutes, it is about feeling GREAT all morning, all afternoon, all DAY, all weekend or… FOR YOUR ENTIRE LIFE while being nude! We will still do intimate things in private, we still try to protect each others enjoyment of this simple pleasure, and we DO NOT encourage anyone to explore any sort of physicality until they are ready and comfortable doing so.

Okay, this is my philosophical “rant” for the day, I hope you understand.







Diversity. Freedom. Sanity. Fun!

Although I have seen tennis courts at nudist v…

Although I have seen tennis courts at nudist venues, I don’t recall ever seeing people actually playing tennis nude. Volleyball, yes. Soccer, yes. Horseshoes, yes. Driving golf balls, yes. The joy we can find in doing anything healthy while nude is something we SHOULD be able to enjoy!

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Pegeha gefällt das Bild

☮ Peace, love, and nudity!

Wherever we are, whatever we do, the attitude and approach to situations needs to be the same whether we are clothed or not! Here is why: If we treat ourselves more gently while nude by watching where we sit (on towels), applying sunscreen (to prevent melanoma/skin cancer), watching out for sharp edges (glass, thorns, etc.) and MOST IMPORTANTLY watching our children and how they are treated, these are all things we should do all the time regardless of clothing! Yes, even the towels because, well, who doesn’t love towels – and what better way to send a “secret” or subtle to others of our true clothing-free passion! (i.e. hmm, ’D is sitting on a towel, I wonder why that is?’ and if someone asks, we can casually say, because I usually sit on a towel “most of the time anyway, while nude” and the ‘ice’ is broken, the subject open, the olive branch extended).