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This is the way Naturism will ALWAYS look in m…

This is the way Naturism will ALWAYS look in my mind. Period. It is about people being ourselves, free of judgement, free of anxiety (or nearly so) and happy. Smiling. In comfortable surroundings with a greater chance of knowing who will be present, why they are present, and what is going on. Some might characterize this as being far from modern society, and they would be correct! Just as fifty thousand people at Burning Man in Nevada do, naturists have simply written out guidence for living life more openly and yes, even sexuality is considered because we still treat it with discretion and decency, and we don’t expect or encourage anyone to treat it otherwise. In this regards, its much better than simply sending people off into the world, into many bars, niteclubs, concrete halls, stadiums and what-have-you place where “things” happen in secret, or things happen because nobody wants to become involved, or things happen out of the competitive drive of survival (baser instincts) and embarrassment is only a word with power when people choose to grant it.

No choosing, simply LIVING as we are made.

Your naturist is most likely to be like this o…

Your naturist is most likely to be like this one. That simple.


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A Naturist Family

A Naturist Family:

Great! Now I have viewed the entire video, and the best way to classify it is as “Home life” or “Home living” maybe kind of resort style, I think. This young couple has purchased a property and given it a complete “makeover” with all new amenities and now presents it for our consideration! Plus, they are a Naturist family with two young boys, so far from being an (American) “Tiny home” – a purpose-built structure with the smallest footprint in square footage – this home is cozy or small, but it suits their immediate needs and was “budget friendly” on the makeover.

Living minimally, efficiently, in a stable economy and not spending more on housing than is necessary to survive is the trend at the end of the 2010s so to speak, for SOME people. There are still large properties and “McMansions” being constructed, but these crazy symbols of wealth and excess are strange in my mind. Why create a need for BIGGER heating bills, bigger electric, more insurance, more home upkeep or repairs, and have a larger target for storms, natural disaster and robbery? Why? Does anyone need a 3, 4 or 5 car garage, 6 bedrooms, 3 bathroom, and an olympic sized pool in the ground? All of that may be nice, but we typically enjoy getting away to places with these features and if we build small, then it should become possible to do more traveling!

centauri4-naturism: Maybe there DOES need to …


Maybe there DOES need to be a new banner for humanity!  Nude, Naked, Happy and Free or “NNHF”!  …and an acceptance of the collective practices like the one demonstrated HERE, on the street AND she committed the occasion to film permanently!  (or digital memory, Okay)

  ~ Centauri4

Re-tumbling back to my own account! “I MADE THIS.”

allthingseurope: Groot-Bijgaarden Castle, Belg…


Groot-Bijgaarden Castle, Belgium (by XavR-photo)

How great would it be to host a Naturiste mystery dinner themed party in this lovely castle!



Social nudity is NOT about paying more attention to specific body parts, it is quite literally about paying LESS attention to these things!

SO HERE IS THE DEAL, if your tumblr account features more than 10% or 20% of posed photographs with women spreading their legs towards the camera, or men with erect penises, please do not Follow “Naturism as a Way of Living”. The effort of this tumblr has been to mainly DISCUSS or DEMONSTRATE the practice of discarding clothing, setting aside social disguises, removing outfits and being nice and considerate to the people who do this too! – – Very simple.

The series of photographs shown above essentially demonstrates “simple nudity” being enjoyed by the individuals pictured. None of them are physically aroused in obvious ways or behaving in a blatantly sexual manner, really, NUDITY can be exciting, it can be fun, anyone can enjoy it privately or openly where permitted – all by themselves or with friends, and promoting that SIMPLE FACT is the goal. Nudism is not about getting any pleasure that only last 5 or 30 minutes, it is about feeling GREAT all morning, all afternoon, all DAY, all weekend or… FOR YOUR ENTIRE LIFE while being nude! We will still do intimate things in private, we still try to protect each others enjoyment of this simple pleasure, and we DO NOT encourage anyone to explore any sort of physicality until they are ready and comfortable doing so.

Okay, this is my philosophical “rant” for the day, I hope you understand.







Diversity. Freedom. Sanity. Fun!