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The commerce of social nudity is important, an…

The commerce of social nudity is important, and today (Thursday, 29 March 2018), I am looking for great images to underscore or highlight that idea! From campgrounds, to beaches, to resorts, cabin rentals with enough distance between neighbors to “permit” clothing-optionality, I often think of “physical resources” (land, property, structures) but it is also VERY important to appreciate less tangible services (massage, hair styling, nudist travel, childcare and handyman/utilities/construction) and products (the things we STILL consume in spite of a lesser need of clothing) as we go about our lives!

Today, I want to encourage every nudist, naturist, free beacher, body positivist, or first-time visitor to Naturism as a Way or Living to consider telling a life story including the #hashtag #WhenImNotNude to illustrate the lives we live “beyond” nudism, or in addition to being nudists! How do we support each countries economy? What social cause do we support in addition to “going nude” things? This might include a #RegionalNudistMembership, #NationalNudistMembership, #nudistsubscription, #nudisttshirts, #nudistclothing (oxymoron, right!) or even (and especially) membership at a local nudist resort like the one an hour from my present home (#whitetailresort).

I feel there is a need to TELL THE STORIES between the lines, between the familiar, often reposted images (the ones you know you have already seen more than twice!), and describe how social nudity is sustained by us as we sustain and support the idea of it. Even if a person has only taken one vacation to Hedonism, although not a “nudist venue” it is a part of the clothing-optional and clothing-free economy and together WE are making these things happen. We enable nudity in new contexts, new activities, prominent city Bike Rides and even a few festivals or fairs, so the strength of these contributions needs to be told. Thanks to everyone for considering this appeal.

osemag: By Mark Velasquez Life is more than …


By Mark Velasquez

Life is more than the sum of our actions.

Life is more than a series of static images.

Life is more than a relationship label, a definition.

Life is our experiences, with many labels, in action, altogether.

Naturism is many experiences, with new (sometimes unfamiliar) labels and many actions IN the altogether with fun, laughter and joy!

You are the key to doing all these things.

Nudist or …


So many people claim to be naturists or nudists or whatever label you want to put on it and then post nothing but pics of young girls naked.  Where is the representation of reality here.  I have been to a couple of nudist resorts and I have not seen a lot of “perfect” bodies.  The reality is lots of “imperfect” lovely humans.  No wonder so many women are afraid to go nude when all they see represented are people in their early twenties.  Life is hard on a body.  We all age, sag, buldge etc.  So many of my friends want to give it a go but fear being judged.  

I just tell them to stand beside me and they will look great. Don’t misinterpret that either.  I have no body issues.  I am over 50, over weight according to society and have lots of stretch marks from babies.  I am also very happy, outgoing and quite happy with who I am. Men find me attractive or so they say and I don’t believe that has anything to do with what I look like.  We give men a bad wrap when it comes to that I think.  Even still, I don’t go to nudist resorts to please others.  I go because I love enjoying the outdoors without clothes.  

There is nothing better than a summer day in the nude.  Clothes make you hot and take away from the enjoyment of the day.  Swimming in a bathing suit is no where near as lovely as swimming nude. Our bodies were designed to absorb vitamin D from the sun.  If you are all covered up that can’t happen efficiently.

Bodies are nothing more than the vessel to carry our being.  If your being is beautiful, so is your body.

nudism-naturism: Young Naturists America Is Cl…


Young Naturists America Is Closing In 2017 😢❤️ #itsallaboutthelove #youngnaturistsamerica #yna (lean more at link in bio) (at New York, New York)

Young Naturists: Many start-up businesses have difficulty making it through the 1st year, so it is indeed remarkable #YNA continued for 7 yrs. and did so many thoughtful and diligent things for the Naturist community in America! Supporting a philosophical, ethical and social movement is all about renewal through education and perpetuation, and I feel YNA must have accomplished some of that! Also, regardless of the formal status of an organization, sustaining any effort beyond covering basic expenses means determining the daily operating costs, finding any surplus and then investing it. The investment then becomes a “member” also and will grow and thrive just as any flesh and blood member, but this is not an easy concept and there are risks involved and even large organizations with many members fail to survive as expenses mount or member-based resources diminish.

As a #YNA outsider, a fan but also a person of minimal resources and almost no surplus funds over the past 7 years, I completely understand the challenges of sustaining an effort similar to yours, but have never managed a full blown business myself; I have mostly been a worker and less often a manager or leader of a group. If #YNA has made it this far, I cannot help but wonder what assets of the organization exist? Is there a membership list? Has it grown or shrunk, how much churn is there month over month? Are there any other assets at all to speak of? Maybe I am thinking of things in an overly traditional or dated fashion, but it seems even non-profit and charitable organization must know the daily costs, plan for expenses and manage a growth rate necessary to sustain operations, and if this fails to happen then the organization will eventually fail no matter how amazing its intentions and efforts!

The alternative organizational model is to create a “template” of values, a mission statement, some Q&A documents, an FAQ (or similar) and maybe an “ad hoc” agenda for growth, attracting members or replicating itself as a package so that its growth becomes unrestrained or unrestricted by conventional requirements (business model rules and ideas). However, even this is only an unproven idea, a concept, and maybe its only sustainable or possible in my imagination, I can admit that and would ask current #YNA leaders, what things they imagine might have been done better? I only ask this because there is value in experience as well, both good experience and bad, happy and sad, wins and losses, and perhaps the value of some of this has been overlooked? Perhaps there is bottomline stuff to be shared with the current audience of YNA members, supporters and fans that can now be “replicated” or packaged and become a part of the future growth kit it needs to continue existing unfettered!

As traditional businesses fail left and right, downsize, outsource or go to a “on demand” labor, many, many operations are being forced to examine their values, methods, resources and commitment. The new millennium appears to be changing more than attitudes, politics, beliefs and revenue streams, the new millennium is impacting everything! Entire state economies with millions of revenue participants are being forced to consider new ways of reducing expenses and generating revenue; some of which are “state managed”, some joint public-private ventures, and a few are wholly independent businesses BUT even those are incentivized to open, relocate, grow or stay. If YNA has a thousand members and no outside group has offered to assist in sustaining it, maybe it there is a chance asking for grants would aid in determining the next iteration it will morph into and become. I hope we continue hearing from everyone central to YNA as #YNAalumni or #YNAgen1 and that its best collective voice will continue!

Through simple social nudity humanity embraces its many…

Through simple social nudity humanity embraces its many imperfections! We stop hiding ourselves and we stop pretending to be really well put together. Let’s face it, if G-d had intended humans to be perfect, I submit to you for consideration there would be one ‘Type A, standard issue male’ and one ‘Type B, standard issue female’ and because this is NOT true, there must be a purpose to our flaws and diversity!

We are not “little grey aliens” with no visible sex organs and barely any differences between the male and female of the species. Dinosaurs were more alike in each subtype than humans are, by a very huge amount!

By embracing our imperfections we recognize and accept these things, then integrate the differences into our lives and move beyond them! If humans were perfect, we would get less illness, less disease and we would not twist ankles stepping off a curb, drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes, do mind altering drugs, or many of the other casually wasteful uses of our time. We would focus on health, learning, safety and productivity, and we would be developing as a species much faster than we have been!


sunshineandhealth: ☮ Love your body, love nature, experience…


☮ Love your body, love nature, experience freedom!

YOU HAVE THE ABILITY TO EXPERIENCE LIFE SO AMAZING! Come out of your home, come out of your “shell”, step into the light and love being human again!



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Nudism just try it

Nudism just try it