Young Nudists Bashing & Bullying Online | By YNA

Young Nudists Bashing & Bullying Online | By YNA:


YNA responds to some recent severe bullying and bashing coming from other young nudists online.

Don’t let this image scare you!  The article by Jordan Blum is really well written and covers an important aspect of Social Media some people may never have heard of or do not understand.

Having a presence online means having a presence in a PUBLIC forum or community; many public forums and communities in fact.  So, as has been said many times before, do not write something online that you would be worried about admitting to having written at a later time!  It is more important than ever to have beliefs and values you stand by, will stand by, believe with all your heart and might even fight to defend if necessary.  Say what you will, write what you will, but doing “Hit and Run” behavior is rude, hurtful and immature.

The extreme end of hurtful behavior is purposefully turning words into some sort of weapon – by intentional cruelty, hatefulness, ugliness or indignant righteousness, which is truly unnecessary.

If someone appears to be mean (evil) with the words they use, ask them if what you understood from their statement is what they actually meant to say, because it is possible they misspoke and did not write with a meaning clear to all.