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Finally made it to the top

What a glorious landscape! ~ Why have we never built a city near the edge of a spectacular desert vista? Fear of being overwhelmed?



All in good fun! “My Baby is a Nudist”. If #DukeTumatoe could write and perform an equally funny song for the ladies, maybe “My Honey is a Nudist” or “My Beau is a Nudist” then we would have equality in the world! Or parity, balance, … you know.

For the ladies:

“My honey is a nudist, runnin’ round in his birthday suit. My honey is a nudist runnin’ round in his birthday suit.”

“He’s the handsomest guy I know.”

“There is no doubt he’s proud! He proud!”

“Whenever he goes out he surely draws a crowd!”

“Wearin’ nothing but his high top sneakers! Our friends often refer to these as his Streakers!”

“He never worries about which underwear to choose, ‘cause he goes out only wearing shoes!”

“My honey is a nudist, runnin’ round in his birthday suit. My honey is a nudist, runnin’ round in his birthday suit!”

(I have yet to come up with the additional words to a complimentary version, so if anyone wants to help, please do!)





This little animation really is brilliant!

This little animation really is brilliant!




For almost two years we have been publishing two articles per week for nudists. Tips, tricks, stories, Naturist Talks and lots of reviews of all the nudist places we’ve visited.

Well, sorry fellow nudies, but we thought it was time for a change. This article is not for you. This one is for the textiles.

The idea was brought to us via an e-mail from one of our readers. Many nudists have textile friends and family and even though they know a little bit about the lifestyle, they know you like to be naked and they know that it’s not about sex, sometimes it’s still a bit awkward. Especially when they unexpectedly ring your doorbell and suddenly you’re standing there butt naked in front of them.

Their cheeks turn red.
They have no idea where (or where not) to look.
They want to say something but the words are not coming. Or certainly not in the right order.
And you wonder… “I told her that I was a nudist, right?”
What were you supposed to do? It’s your best friend for god’s sake. Should you be putting on pants and a bra for your best friend?

Some time ago we already gave you this basic guide for living with a nudie that you could send around to all your friends, family and colleagues to explain in a nutshell what nudism is all about. Here’s an addendum for the guide, which explains how THEY should behave.
So actually… This article is for you anyway.

The nude beach
Before we start talking about how to behave among nudist friends, there’s something else we’d like to address first. During our travels and visits to nude beaches around the world, it occurred to us that many “textiles” (yes, that’s how we call you in nudist jargon) have no idea what the sign “Nude beach” means.
Many think that the sign is put there for them, as a warning that they may encounter naked people. So they think “whatever, I don’t mind seeing a butt or two when I’m on the beach”. This is not true. Oh and by the way, it’s certainly not an invitation like “Come over here to look at the naked people”. A nude beach is not a zoo. Just saying.
That sign is actually put there for us, the nudists, to mark the part where we can be naked without having a policeman chasing our naked behind. The general consensus is that if you have no plans to get naked yourself or you’re not joining a nudist friend, there’s no reason for you to be here at all. Seriously, there are thousands of kilometers of beaches where we are not allowed to be naked, why don’t you go to any of those? It’s not because we have anything against you, it’s not that we are a hateful movement against clothes, it’s just that we sometimes feel uncomfortable in your presence.

Here’s another misconception about nudists: Not everyone of us feels completely comfortable naked all the time. Being naked makes us vulnerable, all the artificial layers fall off. Which is one of the reasons why we actually like being naked and this does give us a sense of freedom but only when everyone else is equally vulnerable (read: naked). When textiles come around, the balance changes. You can see all our curves and flaws and whatever while yours are nicely hidden behind your clothes. That makes some of us feel uncomfortable. Typically the beginning nudist does not appreciate this, but some of us don’t feel comfortable around textiles for their whole nudie life.
Others, like ourselves, have meanwhile moved on and don’t care anymore what everyone else is wearing, as long as we can be naked ourselves. And then the roles are sometimes turned around.

Your nudist friend
If you have a nudist friend and he or she is not comfortable being naked among the clothed, you will normally rarely see them naked. When you ring the doorbell, they’ll make sure to put on some clothes before opening the door. But as we said before, some of us just don’t care and that might put you in an uncomfortable situation.
You’re driving home from work, there’s traffic jam and you think “well, I could also pay Bill a visit. It’s been a long time”.
Although Bill has never made it a secret that he likes to spend his Sundays at the nude beach, this is not exactly the first thing that comes to mind when you think of him. But suddenly there he is, opening his door in all his glory. Why does he do that? What do you do?

First of all, it’s Bills house and you can’t really expect from him to wear anything else than what he prefers to wear. You have to understand that Bill does not want to shock you and that he certainly doesn’t expect from you to drop your pants as well. For Bill, his birthday suit is like his pyjamas or training pants.
The feeling of discomfort you may experience comes from the idea that nudity is something that’s supposed to be hidden. If Bill hadn’t been a nudist and you had accidentally walked up to him in the shower, both of you would have red cheeks. Now it’s not so accidentally, at least not for Bill, so the only red cheeks are yours. And they’re certainly not necessary. Bill doesn’t care.

But there you stand, looking at the tips of your shoes saying something like “Hey… ehm… Bill. Pretty hot today, right?”
The fact that Bill opened the door naked means that he’s comfortable with you seeing him naked. So no need to keep your eyes down. But your eyes might be distracted towards the parts of Bill that you’ve never seen before. That’s completely normal and Bill knows that too. Just try not to stare too much at what’s hanging down there, then it will become really awkward.

Clothing optional
We’ve said it before but we want to mention it again, by being naked Bill isn’t expecting you to get naked as well. We’re pretty sure that he’d love it if you’d decide to undress too but it’s certainly not the purpose of his nudity. Bill is naked because he likes to be naked. He trusts you and has no issues with you seeing him naked.
When the first shock passes away, another question may arise: “Do you have to say something about it?”. Actually, there’s nothing wrong with just ignoring the fact that Bill is naked. Get in, have a seat and talk about the things you usually talk about. But this may cause a strange atmosphere, so we think it’s better to just name it. You could break the ice with a little joke like “So this is what a real nudist looks like” or you could mention that you appreciate how comfortable he is with you. That’s all fine. A new type of dress often asks for a compliment, this doesn’t really count for nudity. A “Wow! You’re looking gorgeous” might be a strange thing to say to a naked person. Or to hear when you’re naked.

Important here to notice is that Bills front door is only an example, you could run into nudist friends everywhere. On that nude beach you weren’t supposed to visit or a more accurate example could be in the sauna. You are nicely wrapped in a towel or a bathing suit and suddenly Jane (Bill doesn’t like saunas) walks in and takes off her towel. It comes down to the same. No need to feel ashamed, no need to feel uncomfortable, say something about it if you want to but “Hey you look nice in that… ehm… skin” might not be your best choice.

One last thing we’d like to mention here takes us back to the beaches. Remember that we said that you don’t have any reasons to visit a nude beach if you’re not planning to get naked? Well, there’s also a thing called “clothing optional” beaches. As the name says, clothing is optional. Although on those beaches it’s also mostly appreciated if everyone (eventually) undresses, you don’t have to if you don’t want to. These beaches are perfect if you and Jane want to spend a nice summer afternoon together, she can be naked while you can wear a bathing suit. Maybe you’ll get tickled by the idea and eventually decide to give it a try as well. Or maybe you’ve been thinking a lot about how comfortable she looked that other day in the sauna and you already decided that you want to be like that as well. Next time she asks you to join her at the clothing optional beach, you could surprise her by saying “Meh, can’t we go to a nude one?”

SIDE NOTE: Any resemblance to a Bill or Jane you know is purely coincidental.


The thought that being an “early” nudist on Tumblr would make it a better platform for real information on Social Nudity was on my mind in June 2012. Tumblr was the image-centric platform at that point and maybe it still is about 50% so, but right away the first thing seeming to happen was artists and photographers wanting to “caption” their images with some credits! They may or may not have had a watermark on the image itself, which for some may have been sufficient, but Tumblr adapted and evolved. I reposted a images with shorter 1 sentence or 1 short paragraph descriptions in order to “frame” the image or give it a naturist-centric “definition”.

Wow, people were critical of that early on! ‘Don’t ad words to my image!’, ‘What are you doing?’ or ‘This image needed no words to be good.’ might have been the theme of a few responses, but after a time Tumblr adapted and “evolved”. Gradually. I began seeing other captioned images, and a few users “overlaid” text on top of the image as a sort of “hard” watermark. Some of these were also done humorously, with a slight nod towards the long history of Social Nudity; which in America alone stretches back into the 1930s!

The “context” or meaning we define for ourselves is like a, ‘Well, I would like you to know…’ or maybe ‘If I may point out for a moment…’ type of thing – and this can be done, or maybe SHOULD be done with every sort of image on any topic! If you hope to share the very best part of a belief system with an unfamiliar audience, captioning an image with credit to its source is really helpful! Yes, overlay a quote from the Holy Bible or the Quran, I am fine with that! SHARE what you know, share why you think it is good or helpful to society! I may chose to begin thinking the same way, or I am “widen” my beliefs to incorporate the best of what your lifestyle has to offer! ~ Do not expect change, do not force change, but allow your audience to adapt and evolve if they choose, and this is what “Freedom” means to me.



Community Guidelines, optional?

@staff with regards to the Community Guidelines advisory, if I do not appeal will a Community Guidelines’ violating post remain accessible to, (a.) existing Follower accounts previously having selected to view (NSFW) content, or (b.) only myself, or (c.) these will be hidden from ALL possible audiences permanently, or (d.) these will be hidden for 30 days and then permanently removed from all Tumblr server computers?

I understand the updated policies were to be phased into effect and this is very much appreciated, but the options appear to be limited to “binary” choices of (1.) do something, or (2.) do nothing… and that is not much information to proceed upon.

Thank you! ~ Tumblr is still awesome!